Continuing Students

The Crown Fountain

Continuing Students Already Placed

Changing Spaces at Crown

If you are currently assigned a space at Crown, but would like to request to swap spaces, fill out and submit the following electronic request form (students will need to be logged in to their UCSC email address):

Crown Room Swap Request Form (Continuing Students)

This request form is used only during the summer. At the start of the academic year this list will deactivate, and further requests must be made using the Crown/Merrill Housing Reassignment Form. No room changes will be made during the housing freeze at the first two weeks of the quarter.

Continuing Students Waiting to Be Placed

If you are on the wait list for the 2015-16 academic year and wish to update your housing application/preferences, fill out and submit the following electronic form with your updated preferences (students will need to be logged in to their UCSC email address):

Crown Student Housing Application Preferences Update (Continuing Students)

Your active application represents your interest in being assigned housing and we are committed to providing a space to all interested students. A confirmation email will be sent to your UCSC email address when you have been assigned housing. Some things to keep in mind while you await an assignment:

  • Be patient and flexible as we continue through this portion of the housing assignment process.
  • We will work with you over the coming days, weeks, and months to find you an available space either at your applied-for-community or elsewhere on campus.
  • Contact your Housing Coordinator if you would like to update the room preferences listed in your housing application.
  • Keep your contact information (cell phone, permanent phone) up-to-date in the Student Portal. Also, be sure to check your UCSC email often as housing staff may need to contact you.

If at any time your plans change and you are no longer interested university housing it is your responsibility to immediately cancel your application at There is no fee for cancelling an application prior to a space being assigned, but cancellation fees will apply in all cases of a student cancelling a confirmed housing space.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Crown/Merrill Housing Coordinator (