November 9, 2016

Dear Crown Students:

We join with other campus and University of California leaders to share some thoughts regarding the result of yesterday's election. As the Provost, I have penned these sentiments, and they are shared by myself and the College Administrative Officer.

As a member of the Crown community, I would like to share that the outcome left me bewildered if not outright despondent given the misogynistic, xenophobic, isolationist views expressed by Donald Trump during his campaign, as well as the indications of authoritarian tendencies he gave.  All of a sudden, the future seems uncertain. I am concerned about the new world we are stepping in, especially for the younger generations.

To others who may be having similar thoughts, I share this with you so you know you are not alone. Yesterday we saw thousands of students coming out and peacefully rejecting the message of intolerance we heard during the campaign. This message is not in keeping with our community's values of inclusiveness, tolerance, justice, and caring for others’ well-being.

Some of you may welcome the results of this election and/or have family or friends who do. It is clear that Mr. Trump’s message resonated with wide sections of American society and that we have to hear these voices and strive to understand what they are telling us.

We should welcome this opportunity to engage in a dialogue and address the issues that are dividing our society. Respectful disagreement is the foundation for a democratic society and there will always be room for it at Crown College.

Whether you are feeling despondent or victorious, it will take time to process this turn of events. Moving forward, I am confident that the values that our community has embraced for the last fifty years will live on because they depend solely on us, on each of us continuing to live according to our values. With this in mind, I look forward to facing with you the challenges this strange world may bring.  

You may be interested in joining with others to process your thoughts and feelings. To this end, there are a number of resources available of which we want to make you aware. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is located at the Cowell Health Center, and their number is (831) 459-2628. The Resource Centers on campus are providing drop-in space at the 3rd floor of Baytree. And Crown and Merrill Colleges will be hosting 2 restorative community circles open to all members of our community: Thursday at 7pm in MAS (Merrill 105) and Monday at 8pm in the Crown/Merrill Community Room.


Manel Camps, Provost of Crown College


Alex Belisario, College Administrative Officer