Summer Reading Assignment 2018

Dear New Crown Students,

The staff, faculty, and I look forward to your arrival . We have prepared an assignment to help get you ready for the Core class that you’ll be taking in the Fall of 2018.

Your SA has two parts. The first part is the summer readings (three short stories) and an analytical essay of 750 to 1250 words about them (details below). The second part is a 500-1000-word log on a 24-hour eFast you will undertake (also explained below). You will discuss the readings and your eFast in class on the first day in September. Please bring both parts of the Summer Assignment with you, and turn them into your Instructor.

Please start both the essay (Part 1) and the log (Part 2) on a separate page, so they can be reviewed separately. Be sure to type your name on each, in the upper, right-hand corner, and attach them to each other with a clip.


Your Readings and Essay (Part 1)

Your summer reading assignment:


These three stories vary greatly in style and setting, but they all explore the choices humans make, choices that ask what being human means. While they are quite different, they are all considered excellent writing and raise important ethical, social and political issues.

Your task is to analyze the question the stories ask: What is it to be human? Please describe how each of these three stories explores the “problem” of the human. And, specifically, how do new technologies or breeding aliens or a desperate high-tech flight for survival change what it means to be human?

You are not writing a plot summary of the stories. Instead, you are analyzing the ideas about being human they illuminate—and why you think they are important. 

As you craft your analysis, please create an implicit or explicit thesis statement that frames your conclusions and tells us why it’s important.

In your essay, explain how the issue/s you identify in the texts connect with larger social, political, or historical contexts you care about. Be sure to give concrete examples and evidence from the texts, your life, and your observations that support your insights.

Try to achieve a balance of textual summary and quotation, on the one hand, and analysis and argument, on the other hand. Make sure you show the significance of specific textual examples and how they support your analysis. Remember, you are being asked to think deeply about important issues, not to take a binary pro or con position. Also, please be specific.

Be sure to use clear and succinct language that illuminates your thoughtful analysis. Be sure to edit your essay for good word choice, and proof your essay for errors in spelling, punctuation, completeness, and syntax.


Your eFast Narrative Log (Part 2)

Choose one 24-hour period, between now and when you arrive at Crown during which you will abstain from using all digital communications and social media. Note the time and date in your handwritten (not typed or spoken) log.

During your eFast, you will not text, email, or access the Internet — including any social media, gaming sites, using GPS, etc. Likewise, you will not use cell phones, computers, pads, tablets, or any other Internet-connected device (FitBits, etc.). This means no content streaming (NetFlix, etc.). You may read in any non-electronic media (print books, articles, newspapers, magazines, etc.).

Throughout your eFast, use pen/pencil and paper to record your experiences briefly in your Log.  In addition, note the challenges or opportunities you experience—in your routine, expectations, thinking, and feeling. Note the ways your life is changed.


Enjoy the reading and the adventure.  Happy Summer Assignment!


Looking forward to meeting you in person,

Manel Camps, Provost, Crown College