Summer Reading Assignment 2019

Dear New Crown Students,

The staff, faculty, and I look forward to your arrival. We have prepared an assignment to help get you ready for the Core class that you’ll be taking in the Fall of 2019.

Your summer assignment has two parts.

The first part is a reading: Frankenstein: Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, and Creators of All Kinds (The MIT Press) by Mary Shelley. This book, which will be available at the Baytree Bookstore, will be used as a basis for discussion and assignments during the first one or two weeks of class. 

Specific prompts for this assignment are here.(click on link)

The second part is a 500-1000-word log on a 24-hour eFast you will undertake (also explained below). Please bring this log and turn it  into your Instructor on the first day of class in September, as it will be discussed in class

Choose one 24-hour period, between now and when you arrive at Crown during which you will abstain from using all digital communications and social media. Note the time and date in your handwritten (not typed or spoken) log.

During your eFast, you will not text, email, or access the Internet — including any social media, gaming sites, using GPS, etc. Likewise, you will not use cell phones, computers, pads, tablets, or any other Internet-connected device (FitBits, etc.). This means no content streaming (NetFlix, etc.). You may read in any non-electronic media (print books, articles, newspapers, magazines, etc.).

Throughout your eFast, use pen/pencil and paper to record your experiences briefly in your Log.  In addition, note the challenges or opportunities you experience—in your routine, expectations, thinking, and feeling. Note the ways your life is changed.


Enjoy the reading and the adventure.  Happy Summer Assignment!

Looking forward to meeting you in person,

Manel Camps, Provost, Crown College