Crown Core Course Sequence

Updated for 2018-2019

Crown College 1, Ethical and Political Implications of Emerging Technologies, introduces students to university-level thinking, reflection, and inquiry by actively engaging with texts, each other, and the Instructor. Students will read actively as participants in a guided conversation between text and reader, empowered to find meaning in the texts they read—reading with or against the grain. They will ask what a text is advocating--its point of view, key concepts, purpose, perspective and its constructedness as writing.

The class meets either two [Tu/Th] or three times a week [M/W/F] and includes readings, discussions of them, and a group research project.

Readings are organized around topical modules related to the Crown College theme. Each week is devoted to one aspect of technology: what it is, how it effects people’s identities and the economy, how it generates inequalities, how those inequalities are couched in ideologies, etc. Students will work through the texts by responding to specific prompts—reading response freewrites (RRFs), which will launch discussions and debates in class, both in small-groups and with the entire class.

Students will collaborate with their peers from the very onset of the course. Each student will choose a research area and work on a research project in their affinity group of 5-6 students, investigating one of six broad Group Project Research Areas in science and technology. This project will be scaffolded for topic selection and group members’ roles—with progress checkpoints and Group meetings with the Instructor. Each Research Group will present its findings to the entire class in Weeks 9 and 10.