Crown Core Course Sequence

Crown 79

Engaging the University (2 units)  

Crown 80A or 80B

Ethical and Political Issues In Emerging Technologies (5 units)

Crown Core Courses
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Welcome to Crown College, Class of 2021!

As Provost of Crown College, I am happy to extend my welcome to you to CRWN 79 and CRWN 80, our 2 quarter core course sequence.  I look forward to meeting each one of you and becoming your teacher, mentor and researcher/colleague.

As you may already know, UCSC is among the leading research universities in the area of genomics. Among its recent accomplishments, UCSC developed the genome database as well as the leading search engine for locating genes in the human genome. Since then many other animals’ genomes have been sequenced and are available on our database. In our 2 quarter core course sequence, titled CRWN 79: Engaging the University and CRWN 80: Ethical and Political Issues in Emerging Technologies, we will consider the societal implications of living in the new world these technologies summon forth as we enter the new millennium. You will encounter an array of different kinds of readings designed to introduce the lay, non-scientist reader to these topics, from fiction and poetry to philosophical treatises.  

The most important goals of CRWN 79 and CRWN 80 are to improve your ability to understand difficult reading and effectively express your ideas and reasoning. These are among the most important skills, both personally and professionally, that you will learn at UCSC. 

CRWN 79 and CRWN 80 have as their first purpose to improve your reading, critical thinking and writing skills and satisfies an English composition requirement for graduation. Your seminar instructor’s most important task is to improve your writing skills. The topics that you will be studying and writing about, Engaging the University and Ethical and Political Issues in Emerging Technologies, especially human enhancement through genetic engineering, will become increasingly important issues during your lifetimes and provide an excellent subject for your study.  I hope you find CRWN 79 and CRWN 80 to be thought provoking and enjoyable.


Manel Camps

 Provost of Crown College
Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology