Crown Fellows

Crown Fellows at graduation

       The Crown Faculty Fellows are the faculty of Crown College and serve on various committees that govern Crown's academics. The Executive Committee works directly with the Crown Provost -- together they make decisions involving academic policy and how to best integrate academics into the College. The Academic Standing Committee reviews students for honors and for academic disqualification. Each Fellow holds an appointment in an academic department and may be sought by Crown students for academic and career advice in the Fellow's degree program.


Suzanne Alanzo, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Eric Aldrich, Economics

Mark Amengual, Spanish Linguistics

Frank Andrews, PBSci-Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

Victoria Auerbuch StoneMicrobiology and Environmental Toxicology

Alexander Ayzner, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Giacomo Bernardi, PBSci-Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department

David Bernick, Baskin School of Engineering

Scott Brandt, Computer Science

Kenneth W. Bruland, Ocean Sciences, Emeritus

Roger Bunch, core lecturer

Maureen Callanan, Psychology

Kenneth L. Cameron, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Emeritus

Manel Camps, Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology

Sue A. Carter, Physics

Pak Chan, Computer Engineering

Nancy N. Chen, Anthropology

Matthew Clapham, PBSci-Earth & Planetary Sciences Department

Donald Croll, PBSci-Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department

Nicholas Davidenko, Psychology

James Davis, Computer Science

Margaret L. Delaney, Ocean Sciences

Luca De AlfaroComputer Science

Carlos Dobkin, Economics

Chongying Dong, Mathematics

Michael P. Dooley, Economics

William Doyle, Biological Sciences, Emeritus

Rebecca DuboisBiomolecular Engineering

Christopher EdwardsPBSci-Ocean Sciences 

Ólöf Einarsdóttir, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Maria Evangelatou, History of Art/Visual Culture

Gabriel Elkaim, Computer Engineering

Sandra M. Faber, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Sylvanna Falcon Latin American & Latino Studies

John Faulkner, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Emeritus

Joel Ferguson Computer Engineering

Timothy Fitzmaurice, Core lecturer

Cormac Flanagan, Computer Science

A. Russell Flegal, Environmental Toxicology

Laurel R. Fox, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Maria Cecilia Freeman, Writing, Emerita

Daniel Friedman, Economics

Kwok-Chiu Fung, Economics

Alison Galloway, Anthropology

J. J. García-Luna-Aceves, Computer Engineering

Lynda Goff, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Emerita

Qi Gong, Mathematics

Grace Gu, Economics

Matthew Guthaus, Computer Engineering

Judith A. Habicht-Mauche, Anthropology

David Haussler, Computer Science

Ralph T. Hinegardner, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Emeritus

Lindsay HinckMolecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Richard P. Hughey, Computer Engineering

Garth D. Illingworth, Astronomy and Astrophysics 

Burt Jones, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Emeritus

Rohinton KamakakaMolecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

David E. Kaun, Economics, Emeritus

Alan H. Kawamoto, Psychology

Kathleen Kay, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

Paul L. Koch, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Jonathan M. Krupp, Biology; Coordinator, Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory, Emeritus

Nancy Krusoe, Writing Program, Emerita 

Phoebe Lam Ocean Sciences

Tracy Larrabee, Computer Engineering

Debra Lewis, Mathematics

Douglas N. C. Lin, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Longzhi Lin, Mathematics

Suresh Lodha, Computer Science

Darrell D. E. Long, Computer Science

Bruce Margon, Astronomy and Astrophysics; Vice Chancellor, Research

Michael Mateas, Computer Science

Rita MehtaEcology and Evolutionary Biology

Ethan Miller, Computer Science

Joseph S. Miller, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Emeritus 

Richard Montgomery, Mathematics

Judit N. Moschkovich, Education

Soraya Murray, Film and Digital Media

Derek Murray, History of Art/Visual Culture

Michael Nauenberg, Physics

Francis Nimmo, Earth and Planetary Science

Harry F. Noller, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Loisa Nygaard, German Literature

Karen Ottemann, Environmental Toxicology

Triloki N. Pandey, Anthropology

Annapurna Pandey, Anthropology

Grant H. Pogson, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Donald C. Potts, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Joel R. Primack, Physics

Jie Qing, Mathematics

Annalisa Rava, Writing Program, lecturer

Tonya Ritola, Writing Program, lecturer

Hartmut F.-W. Sadrozinski, Physics, Emeritus

Chad Saltikov, Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology

Ricardo Sanfelice, Computer Engineering

Thomas W. Schleich, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Maria Schonbek, Mathematics

Judith A. Scott, Education

Abraham Seiden, Physics

Heather Shearer, Writing Program

Eli A. Silver, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Nirvikar Singh, Economics

Marilou Sison-Magnus, Physical and Biological Sciences

Lisa C. Sloan, Earth and Planetary Sciences; Vice Provost/Dean, Graduate Studies, Emerita

Donald R. Smith, Environmental Toxicology

Benjamin Storm, Psychology

William T. Sullivan, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Eugene Switkes, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Kip Téllez, Education

Roland G. Tharp, Education and Psychology, Emeritus 

David Thorn, Writing Program, lecturer

John F. Vesecky, Electrical Engineering

Steven S. Vogt, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Carl E. Walsh, Economics

Zhu WangMolecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Computer Game Design

Manfred K. Warmuth, Computer Science

Margaret L. Wilson, Psychology

W. Todd Wipke, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Emeritus

Stanford E. Woosley, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Ahmet Yanik, Electrical Engineering

Fitnat Yildiz, Environmental Toxicology

A. Peter Young, Physics

James Zachos, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Jin Z. Zhang, Chemistry and Biochemistry