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Crown Student Project Funds

Currently the Crown Class Material Fund offers up to $300 towards materials needed by current Crown College students for class projects. Guidelines and Application 

Undergraduate Research Fellowship/ IGEM

This program offers grants up to $400.00 and is aimed at facilitating an active involvement of students in academic research and other creative activities through participation in faculty-sponsored projects. Active participation in research is an essential ingredient for high-quality educational experience and greatly facilitates the transition into the job market, professional, or graduate school. In addition, students can get academic credit for this work, both in the form of independent study, and, in some cases, as the basis for a Senior Thesis.


Eligibility is limited to juniors or seniors during the quarter for which they are applying and who have good to excellent academic records. Sophomores will also be considered, but in this case the proposed project should have room to expand beyond the quarter being considered for funding; sophomores need to address the longer-term scope of the project in the section of the application where the student explains how this experience complements his/her education at UCSC.

Eligible students must be affiliated with Crown College.

Application process:

Applicants need to fill out the following four documents and submit them via email to mglagole@ucsc.edu.

  1. Application form, which includes a statement of how the proposed project would complement the candidate's existing strengths. Applicationcan be found here: 
  2. One-page description of the project, including a budget justification, amount requested, description of the goals, approach, and significance of the project (one page max).
  3. Letter of support from mentor.
  4. Unofficial transcript of undergraduate education.

Completed applications with attachments must be sent by email to mglagole@ucsc.edu by the following deadlines:

  • 2nd Monday in October for Winter Quarter awards
  • 2nd Monday in January for Spring Quarter Awards
  • 2nd Monday in May for Fall Quarter awards

Awards will be made via UCSC recharge process from Crown College to designated UCSC lab.

Other Scholastic Opportunities

Other scholastic opportunities such as nationwide fellowships, scholarships, or contests, etc. are regularly posted on the bulletin board in the Crown Administration Building.