Science Learning Community

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Science Learning Community

The Science Learning Community (SLC) is an exclusive program offered to first-year students pursuing majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) from Crown, Merrill, and Oakes Colleges.

What is the Science Learning Community?

Recognizing the increasingly rigorous requirements for science majors, Crown, Merrill, and Oakes Colleges developed an innovative program to support students who are interested in pursuing a major within any science, technology, engineering, and mathematics field of study. Supporting undergraduate students with academic advising and the social transition of entering a research university, as well as the high expectations of the STEM curriculum is key to the program.

Research has shown that forming study groups in the sciences promotes collaborative learning and group problem solving, which are key to student success. Undergraduates within the year-long Science Learning Community program form a supportive group from the start, as they are housed in close proximity. Our program is designed for students who have a strong interest in science and look forward to working with others who feel the same.

SLC requires a commitment to success, a desire to pursue STEM major pathways, and the willingness to work hard! Recruitment starts in May/June for the following academic year, with a Fall quarter start.

We encourage students to sign up for Academic Excellence Program (ACE) which facilitates group learning. The ACE Sessions are facilitated by a Leader and undergraduate Co-Leader.

Statistics show that UCSC science and engineering students who participate in supplementary problem-solving sessions, like those offered as part of ACE, earn 6% more A grades and 7% more B grades in their supported foundation courses.

For more information about UCSC's award-winning ACE Program, visit

Ashley Bratrude, (831)459-5283

  Academic Excellence Program (ACE) Coordinator

 Contact SLC Coordinator for Crown

Rob Haghighi, or (831) 459-2665

    Crown College Academic Adviser

SLC Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are Learning Communities important?

Learning communities are able to provide the entering cohort with an established system of social support throughout the rigorous curriculum of particular majors. The Science Learning Community is designed for first-year undergraduates pursuing sciences within the larger community of Crown College.

  • What is ACE?

“ACE is an academic support program that is dedicated to increasing the diversity of UCSC students earning bachelor's degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. ACE is a community of scholars who strive for and commit to academic excellence.”

  • What are the Eligibility Requirements for Crown and Merrill’s SLC membership?

              ◦    Math Assessment (ALEKS PPL on Math Coach website) by deadline,or AP score placement,etc.

              ◦    Affiliation with Crown/Merrill College

              ◦    Academic Advising 
participation at least two times during the academic year

  • What does SLC offer students?

          ◦    Live in a scholastic community of your peers

          ◦    Receive academic advising & referrals for support services as needed

         ◦   Meet and mingle with other STEM majors

  • How do I join?
  1. A)The Science Learning Community 2018-2019 recruitment has closed.
  2. B) Students can still apply for ACE each quarter!

Application Timeline:

Application for 2018-2019 has closed!

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

Rob Haghighi, Academic Adviser for Crown College or (831) 459-2665

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