Participate in Crown's Science/Public Affairs Tables!

What are Crown Science / Public Affairs Tables?

They are informal dinners (provided gratis by the College) that give Crown students a chance to meet and hear a faculty member discuss his/her research. The talks are presented at a level that can be followed by non-majors in the discipline.
Provost Manel Camps hosts these events (usually 2 during fall and 2 during winter quarter) at the Provost's house and attendance is limited to 18. The format includes a buffet dinner at 5:30 p.m. and is followed by the faculty presentation over coffee and dessert. The event generally ends around 8:00 p.m.
These events provide a special opportunity to learn about a variety of disciplines in a casual setting outside the classroom. To attend one of this year's events listed below, contact the Crown CAPC at or 459-2412 or you may sign-up on the clipboard on the door to the Provost's Office.Joel at Science Table event

Some topics we've covered in the past 5 years include:

Crown Science Tables 2015-2016

The Influences of Microbiome on Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Physiology
Marilou Sison-Mangus, Assistant Professor, Ocean Sciences

Genomics and Precision Medicine
Joe DeRisi, Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Crown Science Tables 2014-2015

The Suggestible Nature of Motion Perception
Nicholas Davidenko, Professor, Psychology

Bioterrorism and Pandemic Viruses
Rebecca Dubois, Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Crown Science Tables 2013-2014

Proton Computed Tomography: Cutting Edge Imaging in the Battle Against Cancer
Hatrmut Sadrozinski, Professor, Physics

Robotics: Using remote surgical robotics
Jacob Rosen, Professor,Computer Engineering

Why Do We Breathe: How Cytochrome Oxidase Turns Food Into Electricity
Olof Einarsdottir, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Crown Science Tables 2012-2013

Fishing in the Viral Gene Pool: Extreme Environment Virology
David Bernick, Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Ecology and Evolution
Samantha Forde, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tracing Interactions and Technological Development: Southwestern Glazed Painted Pottery from Tijeras Pueblo, New Mexico
Judith Habicht Mauche, Professor, Anthropology

Crown Science Tables 2011-2012

Game Technology Research: What Deep Player Response Requires
Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Professor, Computer Science

Worms and Germs: Using Model Systems to Study Development
Susan Strome, Professor, MCD Biology

Recognizing Your Foes: How Our Immune System Distinguishes Between Harmful and Beneficial Bacteria
Vicki Auerbuch Stone, Professor, Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology

Crown Science Tables 2010-11

The Future of California Climate and Its Impact
Lisa Sloan, Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Einstein’s Greatest Blunder – The Ultimate Fate of the Universe
Bruce Margon, Professor, Astronomy

From Wind to Whales: Oceanography off Central California
Ken Bruland, Professor, Ocean Sciences

How Bacterial Infection Causes Cancer
Karen Ottemann, Professor of MTOX

Crown Science Tables 2009-10
Using Electronic Tags to Understand the Habitat Utilization of Marine Animals
Daniel Costa, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Carbon Emissions & Ocean Acidification: Past, Present & Future
James Zachos, Professor, Earth Sciences

Targeting Cancer with Nanotechnology
Jin Zhang, Professor, Chemistry

The Economics of the World Trade Organization (WTO)
K. C. Fung, Profesor, Economics