Crown Library Renaissance

Students studying in the library.

Help bring Crown’s library back to life!

The Crown Library provides a study space that doubles as a community space for students to spend time together. We tend to use the library during the day for group study sessions, individual studying, and for spending time together. During the evening it is a dedicated quiet study space. During breaks the library is also used for student staff training.

Space is poorly utilized.

We love this central community space that is in close proximity to our residential buildings, much preferred to the long walk to McHenry or the Science and Engineering Library. 

This space is particularly needed now that conversion of our building lounges into rooms is limiting our ability to build connections with our fellow Crownies. The Student Senate realizes as the student body increases and we lose places to study and socialize, having a pleasant and inviting library adapted to our needs is critical to ensure Crown student’s social well-being and academic success in the future.
Stains cover the floor.

However, the library has not undergone any major renovations since its opening, and its current run-down environment is impacting our ability fully utilize and enjoy this space.

Floors are stained, furniture is in poor shape, and lights with integrated powerstrips are needed.

We tried adressing the problem using Student Life Improvement Funds, but last year Senate realized larger investments are needed to make the library an effective, comfortable, and usable space.

Wall sockets are insufficient, we need power strips.

We have drafted a proposal that will bring modern furniture in a layout designed to accommodate the various usages of the library throughout the day, while comfortably fitting more students than before.

Key features of this proposal are:

  • Multipurpose space with lounges, individual seating in cubicles, café-style tables with stools, and two tables joined together for group work.
  • Clear separation between individual and group space, with designation of individual study space.
  • Proposed changes to library.Maximized use of space
  • Integrated power strips for the new seating and study areas (replacing old power sources).
  • Height-adjustable chairs
  • Lighting aimed at providing an engaging, collaborative feel
  • Replace the original floors with removable tile
  • Non-permeable polyurethane-based fabrics on soft seating to facilitate durability.
Proposed library changes.

With these changes, the Crown Library will become a more pleasant, flexible, effective, and inviting space for us; just compare the two areas photographed above
 with a drawing showing what they would look like after the remodel.

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Proposed library diagram