Geek Week 2019!


“Everyone geeks out about something. From comics to crocheting, astrology to astronomy, movies to magic, science to surfing, gaming to gardening… this week’s journey of experiences promote and cultivate one's curiosity and celebrate the diverse realms of geekiness.”

Geek Week will be a week-long series of events and programs centered around various aspects of Geekdom. UCSC’s Geek Week will follow in format with other campus events, most notably Earth Week and Pride Month, where individual colleges, centers, and departments create programs with relevant themes to the week. The initial deadline to submit programs and events is Friday, December 7th, and we will accept submissions until Friday , Febraury 1 at 12 midnight.

For additional information, please contact Sarah Harker and Maya Hernandez, Geek Week Co-Facilitators. As co-facilitators, Sarah and Maya are encouraging collaboration among various campus staff and faculty and managing the week-long events calendar and publicity. Program costs are the responsibility of the hosting college, department, or unit.

The learning objectives for the Geek Week broadly encompass concepts of being a Geek. Geek, defined by a cross-campus working group of Student Life professionals and other professionals is:

  • Having an intense, earnest, and un-self-conscious enthusiasm for a particular activity, interest or subject of study.
  • An interest or hobby, often self-directed, that helps defines one’s identity through an imaginative approach.
  • Aligned with a community that empowers and provides alternate spaces for critiques and a greater understanding of the world.

The broadly defined learning objectives for Geek Week are:

  • Encourage participants to develop the agency to identify and cultivate their own geekiness.
  • Explore the intersections of geekiness among different genres, interests, and disciplines.
  • Develop an appreciation for the diverse cultural origins that comprise Geekdom.
  • Create an inclusive and respectful community among peers with common interests.
  • Discover potential new interests and resources to enrich their co-curricular experiences by participating in events and programs occurring on campus or in the local Santa Cruz community.

We are looking forward to future discussions and exciting programs for UCSC’s inaugural Geek Week. Again, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or potential suggestions at

Geek Week schedule in PDF format found here!



With Regards,

Sarah Harker
Assistant to the Senior Director of College Student Life at Rachel Carson and Oakes Colleges 831.459.2922
Maya Hernandez
College Programs Coordinator
Crown College