Crown Student Senate

Crown Student Senate meetings start tonight at 8 pm (meetings are Mondays at 8 pm PDT) 


Meeting ID: 831 459 2101
Passcode: 300447
Crown Discord - (open to all Crownies)

Election Results

Congratulations to our newly elected Senators!

Azlan • Daniel • Stephanie

We're excited to have you! Thank you to everyone who voted for our upcoming leadership!

Crown Student Senate

Being a part of Crown Student Senate (CSS) is an excellent way to know what's happening at UCSC, get connected to Crown resources and make a difference in campus life. Each year CSS allocates $40,000 of Crown student fees to programs and events across campus that they believe are of benefit to Crown students. They sponsor the Crown Winter Semi-Formal Dance and coordinate our annual Casino Night. CSS discusses and votes on issues affecting the everyday life of UCSC students and serves as the voice of Crown students to the campus student government (SUA) and a variety of administrative committees.

Senate consists of 12 elected Senators as well as Representatives (any Crown affiliate can become a representative after three consecutive meetings’ attendance) appointed from both on and off campus. Elections for open senator positions are conducted online and in the Crown Courtyard during  Fall and Spring Quarter. If you are interested in being a Senator, pick up a petition in the Crown Programs Office (behind BJs). If you miss the deadline and still want to participate, talk to your RA, or email the CSS chair directly at about the requirements for being a representative!



Join Senate

A Crown College student may become a candidate for CSS by turning in a petition by the Thursday before the election or at a CSS sponsored event in the same week.The nominating petition must include twenty-five signatures of Crown students and a statement of no more than seventy-five words expressing the candidate’s desires as to why they wish to hold office. Students may announce candidacy at an optional public forum sponsored by CSS.

*Anyone wishing to join CSS as a general representative may do so by attending 3 consecutivemeetings in order to fulfill the attendance requirement for voting rights.


CSS meets Mondays at 8:00 p.m. in the Crown Fireside Lounge (except holidays and during finals week). Meetings are open to everyone.

Funding Request Process

  1. Submit an online request by 4:00pm the Thursday prior to the week you intend to present.
  2. Email to schedule a date and time to present.
    1. A TV (+ HDMI cable) is available for presentations.
  3. SOAR, SOMeCHA, Student Media, and Cultural Arts and Diversity groups:
    1. Print the Funding Award to Student Organization and complete "For Student Representative"
    2. Bring the form with you to your scheduled presentation time.
    3. Check with your financial advisor if you are unsure if the form applies to you.
  4. Bring two (2) copies of an itemized budget.
  5. Be prepared to answer the following questions:
    1. When and where is your event?
    2. Provide an overview of your event, including the purpose and what will be happening during the event (ie. speakers, activities, etc)?
    3. Is this an open event?
      1. Is it free for students? If not, who will be in attendance?
      2. If there is a charge for students, will there be a discount for Crown affiliated students if CSS chooses to fund this event?
      3. How will you be advertising for this event?
      4. How will sponsors of this event be recognised (ie. posters, social media, marketing, etc)?
      5. How many Crown affiliates will benefit from this event, ie. approximate number of Crownie attendance? It’s totally ok if you don’t know, but if that information is available, it would be great to include that in your presentation.
      6. Additionally, do you know how many members of this organization/group are Crownaffiliated?
      7. Where else have you gone to request for funding (ie. SUA, SOFA, provosts, or collegeprogram offices, etc)?
      8. How much funding have you received so far for this event and how much are you hopingfor/expecting?
      9. If you fall short of your funding goal for this event, what happens (ie. do things get cut, ifthe event cancelled, etc)?

UCSC related organizations and/or persons seeking funding from CSS must print out and turn in a Funding Request Form. Submit your request electronically by 5:00 p.m. the Friday before the meeting at which you wish to present.  Requests may be delayed one or more weeks at the chair’s discretion in order to keep meeting times within a reasonable timeframe. A representative must be present at the meeting to present your funding request, answer questions about the proposal, and bring all required documents including the (2) detailed copies of an itemized budget and the funding transfer form.



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