Crown Annual T-Shirt Contest

Design the  2017-18 Crown T-shirt!

It's the time of year again we turn to you to design next year's t-shirt! If selected your art will be our theme for Welcome Week next Fall.

Draw inspiration from one of the following themes:

Science & Society   ---   Beach/Surf/Boardwalk   ---   Circus

  • One image (on back or front) no larger than 10” x 12”  with max of 4 colors
  • An additional image should be no larger than 4” x 5” with max of 2 colors
  • Black & white outlines count as a color.  Propose a shirt color and it can be an additional “color” in your design in places where other colors aren’t printed
  • Nothing offensive and the design cannot include copyrighted material or logos
  • A space/place for our catch phrase (you could suggest one)
  • Design by computer application must be with Adobe InDesign or Illustrator (software can be found at the Crown computer lab)
Submissions due Friday, April 7th
Turn in your design on paper to the Crown/Merrill Residential Life Office (Attn: Crown CPC) or digitally to Jeremy parker at (vector formats like .pdf, .indd, .ai, or .eps preferred)

Past Design Winners:
Gina Nagel
Allyson Zavala
Fiona Woo