What is Social Fiction?  

The Social Fiction Conference provides a unique opportunity for analyzing important societal issues in the context of science fiction, fantasy, gaming and other related genres of entertainment. The conference is a co-curricular program designed to create space for deep conversations about social justice. Issues of identity, power, privilege, and oppression are discussed both through the lens of our lived realities, and through the lens of various fictional worlds. The conference is linked specifically to students in the first year experience academic classes Crown79 and Crown80. These two classes seek to examine the theme of Crown College: Societal and ethical implications of emerging technologies.

Specifically, the conference aims to provide students the following:

  • Collaboration with staff and faculty
  • Meaningful connection of social justice to personal experiences
  • Skill acquisition particularly suited to research/presentation at the university level
  • Skills to critically analyze media
  • Build relationships with resources on campus

This year we are excited to welcome Amber Case and Ernest Adams to our conference. Amber Case has given a popular TED talk on the integration of technology and society, and Ernest Adams passionately explores roles of gender and sexual orientation in video games. They will undoubtedly spark excellent dialogues during their time with us!

When is Social Fiction?  

The Social Fiction Conference of 2017 will be held on Friday, March 3, and Saturday, February 4. Stay tuned to this site, and the schedule page for more detail to come!

Who goes to Social Fiction?  

You! While SFC is largely attended by UCSC undergraduate students, all UCSC affiliates and other community members are invited and welcome to participate. We hope that community members, students, staff, and faculty participate and have a great time together!