Attend the Conference

Crown's Social Fiction Conference (SFC) is currently scheduled to be an all virtual multi-day event beginning on the evening of Friday, March 5th from 8pm - 11pm, on Saturday, March 6th there will be 12 hours of programming, from 12noon - 11:59pm, and afternoon sessions on Sunday, March 7th from 1pm - 5pm(PST)

Registration is Now Closed! See you Next Year!

SFC is celebrating its twelfth year at Crown College and your attendance at the conference is greatly appreciated to support first year student co-curricular experience. SFC provides a unique opportunity for analyzing important societal issues in the context of science fiction, fantasy, gaming and other related genres of entertainment. The conference is a co-curricular program designed to create space for festive activities and reflective conversations about issues of identity, power, privilege, and oppression through various fictional worlds. The conference is a part of Crown College students' first year Core curriculum experience.