Social Fiction Conference Schedule

Social Fiction Conference Schedule at a Glance


Please download a full SFC schedule here!


Friday, February 22nd
4:00pm-7:00pm Social Fiction Conference Early Registration 
7:00pm-7:30pm RUR Play at Cultural Center at Merrill
7:30pm RUR Play at Cultural Center at Merrill, Welcome address by Provost Manel Camps
Saturday, February 23rd 


9:30am -1:00pm Social Fiction Registration
11:00am-12:00pm Keynote Speaker Asholk Bardhan at the Cultural Center at Merrill
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch at Crown/Merrill Dining Hall
1:00pm-5:00pm Conference hourly presentations (presentations will be held at various locations at Crown and Merrill)
6:30pm-7:30pm Reception either in front (if no rain) or inside if rain

Pre-show performance in front of theatre


Welcome address by Provost Manel Camps

RUR Play at The Broadway Playhouse ( 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz, CA 95060)

Please visit the R.U.R. Website for more information about the performance, locations and tickets.

View R.U.R trailer here!


Q&A with actors

9:30pm Load Out