There are five dining halls on campus.  Students with a meal plan can eat in any of them with their ID card, which also functions as a meal card.  The dining halls offer all-you-care-to-eat, buffet-style dining.  On weekdays, there is always a dining hall open from around 7am until 10 or 11pm.  On the weekends the dining halls open around 10am but still stay open for late night dining.  Off-campus students can also buy a meal plan.  Flexi Dollars are included with some meal plans and can be used at a variety of campus cafes and coffee carts to purchase on-the-go snacks.  For detailed hours, menus and meal plan options please check the Campus Dining webpage.

College Nights

Each college hosts College Night theme dinners in their dining hall as a special treat for their students. College Nights feature live entertainment, a special menu, decorations, and educational displays centered around a specific theme.  Crown's College Nights happen once a month, and students need only swipe their meal card for admission. For off-campus Crownies without a meal plan, a limited number of tickets are available for free in the Housing and Residential Education (HARE) Office before each College Night.  For non-affiliated students living at Crown, please check in with office staff at the HARE Office.

Student Cooking

The Lionel Cantu Queer Resource Center located near KZSC between Crown and Merrill has a kitchen that students can use. They'd be happy to have you stop by!

Image of Crown/Merrill Dining Hall

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have the 5-Day Meal Plan, which isn't working out for me. How can I upgrade to the 7-Day Meal Plan?

A: You may upgrade your meal plan at any time. During the summer, and during specified filing periods in fall and winters quarters you may downgrade your meal plan for the following quarter on Student Housing Online.

Q: Sometimes the dinner being made by the student worker has meat in it or something else I can't eat. Could we have other versions of the dish served as well?

A: We always have a vegetarian or vegan option, but if you'd prefer what the student worker is making and he/she is not too busy, you can always ask for a special serving without specific ingredients.

Q: There was a dish served that I really, really liked. Could you serve it again?

A: The menu rotates throughout all the dining halls on a weekly basis. So, if there's a meal or soup or muffin you like, fear not!  It will come around again!  You can also look on the dining services website to see each week's menu for all the dining halls, and follow your favorite foods around campus!

Sometimes we make special things that aren't on the regular menu so when you do have something you really like let us know with a comment card.

Q: I sent in a job application to the dining hall, but I haven't heard anything back. Did they get my application?

A: We receive a large amount of on-line applications. They are kept on file, since we are always hiring new workers as our needs change. We therefore don't send out letters if an applicant hasn't been hired. If you'd really like to get a boost on our list, please feel free to come in to the Dining Hall during normal hours and talk to one of our managers.