Crown Mailroom

Location: Gate House Building, across from the Crown Administration Building



Incoming and Continuing Students:

  • Please wear face covering when picking up package/mail and Strictly 1 person inside the mailroom lobby
  • Do not come to the mailroom if you are sick, you can authorize someone to pick up your package (please email us their information)
  • If you haven't gotten your mailbox assignment, please email
  • Important Note: Shipping companies often mark tracked packages as "delivered" when they reach the Santa Cruz warehouse or are put on the local truck. It can often take a few extra days for the package to physically arrive at the Crown mailroom. Your package is not available to you until we have logged it in and the notification email is sent to you!


How should my mail/package be addressed?

Your address is as follows:

Student's Full Legal Name
UCSC, Crown College, #(your box number)
628 Crown Road
Santa Cruz, CA  95064-1102


                                                                                                                                      Updated: 1/27/21



Spring Quarter Open Hours 

Monday  12pm-3pm*
Tuesday  1pm-4pm*
Wednesday  12pm-3pm*
Thursday  1pm-4pm*
Friday  12pm-5pm*
Saturday  12pm-5pm*
Sunday  CLOSED

*Subject to change/closure due to staffing, illness, mailroom-related errands, and unforeseen circumstances

The Mailroom will be closed for the upcoming Holidays

Memorial Day - Monday, May 31, 2021

**Please plan your orders accordingly!


Be sure to check the Crown mailroom window for the most updated hours. The mailroom will be closed for observed holidays (see the academic calendar for specific dates). There will be occasional, unscheduled closures due to illness, unforeseen circumstances, or mailroom-related errands. Around school breaks (such as Winter or Spring break) the mailroom may also have limited service.

Please see the Mailroom FAQ page for common questions. For additional mailroom questions or concerns, please call the Crown Admin Office at 831-459-2665 or you can email us at