Move out 2020


Crown and Merrill Move-Out

Campus residences close on Friday, June 12th at noon. All residents are expected to move out of their residences by noon on June 12th.  


Express Checkout


Adhering to physical distancing, move-out will be conducted via an Express Checkout process. Before leaving campus but immediately after you have completely moved out your belongings and cleaned your space, please submit an Express Checkout Form ( This is your way to officially indicate your departure from your space.


How to Checkout Properly

    • Pack your belongings 
    • Thoroughly clean you space (including common areas in the apts)
  • Remove your belongings before June 12th at Noon. 
      • Carts are available in the housing office if needed (M-F, 8am-4:30pm).
      • Once your items have been removed from the residence. Do a final sweep to clean/grab any last minute items. 
      • Loading passes are available in the housing office for advance pickup if needed
  • Fill out the Express Check Out Form to indicate are leaving campus and are checked out of your space
  • Keys: If you have brass keys to return, come by the Crown and Merrill housing office. 
    • Take a key packet off the blue drop box near the housing office door
    • Fill out the packet with your information and place the keys in the packet. 
    • Drop the keys in the blue drop box. 
  • Keep your Student ID: If your ID card is your room key, your card will expire and become deactivated. PLEASE DO NOT  DROP OFF YOUR ID! 
  • You’re all done! Have a wonderful summer! 

Read this mini Move-out Guide to learn more about:

  • Cleaning your space
  • Changing your mailing address
  • Requesting a Housing Extension (beyond June 12th)
  • Applying for Transitional or Summer Housing