New Student Move In

Crown New Student Move-in Day:
Friday, September 20th from 8am to 4pm

Welcome to Crown! We are so looking forward to your arrival to campus!!!
We believe you’ll find UCSC to be one of the most visually spectacular settings in higher education. While being situated in the middle of a redwood forest provides both beauty and serenity, it also creates a challenge for large-scale events like move-in. With only two roads in and out of campus, we have to be strategic and intentional when designing move-in plans. In order to ensure everyone has the smoothest move-in experience possible, we ask that you follow the instructions provided below. Thank you, and please know, we are so excited to have you join us!
pictures of boxes
Preparing for Move-in
In order to help traffic flow, and to get you an unloading space close to your building, we ask that you sign up for a move-in slot that will work best for you. Look at the schedule at the following link and choose ONE check-in time slot (regardless of how many cars or people are coming with you, please leave the quantity at 1 when you sign up). Be sure to pick a time slot for the building at which you are assigned.
family moving
On Move-in Day
You will check-in and pick up your key from the East Remote Parking Lot within your chosen time slot. Students should proceed with a picture ID to the nearby check-in area. (East Remote Parking is shown on this map in quadrant G7).
Shortly after checking in, we’ll direct you to an unloading zone closest to your building.You will drive to Crown College and unload your vehicle in 20 minutes. Limited unloading time at the college facilitates everyone getting the best access as quickly as possible. After unloading, we ask that you relocate your vehicle to the East Remote parking lot.  Shuttles will be available to bring you and/or those traveling with you back to the college to unpack and get settled. 
moving boxes and truck
Other Details
Given the short window students have for unloading, and the limited storage space available in campus rooms, we strongly encourage you to pack light and to communicate with roommates (if applicable) about larger electronics/appliances that may be shared. Please see our website for more details on what to bring.
Please note that if you or your family members leave campus to run errands, it will be difficult to get back to your specific college. If wish to leave campus immediately following your move-in time, you will need to park in the East Remote parking lot and return via the shuttles.
We appreciate your help in making this the best move-in day for yourself and all our students!