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Science & Public Affairs Tables


Dinner with your Professors

Crown Science Tables are your chance to have informal conversations with professors and faculty about their research, usually over dinner. You don’t have to be an expert in the subject – discussions are open for both majors in the discipline and casual interest. Events are hosted by the college Provost at the Provost house or the Senior Commons, usually beginning with a catered dinner at 5:30pm followed by a faculty presentation over coffee and dessert. The event generally ends around 8:00 p.m.

Attend a Science Table

These events are a special opportunity to learn about different disciplines in a casual setting outside the classroom.

Due to Covid-19 Science/Public Affairs Tables are currently postponed.

Past Science/Public Affairs Tables

Immuno-oncology; A Decade of Progress | Premal Patel, Chief Medical Officer, Lyell Immunopharma

How We Became Human | Bendeict Paten, Principal Investigator & Director of the Computational Genomics Lab, ICSC Genomics Institute

Citiris Zest; Soft/Flexible Robots | Mircea Teodorescu, UCSC Baskin School of Engineering

Exoplanets | Jonathan Fortney, Director Other Worlds Laboratory, UCSC

The Influences of Microbiome on Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Physiology | Marilou Sison-Mangus, Assistant Professor, Ocean Sciences

Genomics and Precision Medicine | Joe DeRisi, Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics

The Suggestible Nature of Motion Perception | Nicholas Davidenko, Professor, Psychology Bioterrorism and Pandemic Viruses | Rebecca Dubois, Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Proton Computed Tomography: Cutting Edge Imaging in the Battle Against Cancer | Hatrmut Sadrozinski, Professor, Physics

Robotics: Using remote surgical robotics | Jacob Rosen, Professor,Computer Engineering

Why Do We Breathe: How Cytochrome Oxidase Turns Food Into Electricity | Olof Einarsdottir, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fishing in the Viral Gene Pool: Extreme Environment Virology | David Bernick, Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Ecology and Evolution | Samantha Forde, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tracing Interactions and Technological Development: Southwestern Glazed Painted Pottery from Tijeras Pueblo, New Mexico | Judith Habicht Mauche, Professor, Anthropology

Game Technology Research: What Deep Player Response Requires | Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Professor, Computer Science

Worms and Germs: Using Model Systems to Study Development | Susan Strome, Professor, MCD Biology

Recognizing Your Foes: How Our Immune System Distinguishes Between Harmful and Beneficial Bacteria | Vicki Auerbuch Stone, Professor, Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology

The Future of California Climate and Its Impact | Lisa Sloan, Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Einstein’s Greatest Blunder – The Ultimate Fate of the Universe | Bruce Margon, Professor, Astronomy

From Wind to Whales: Oceanography off Central California | Ken Bruland, Professor, Ocean Sciences

How Bacterial Infection Causes Cancer | Karen Ottemann, Professor of MTOX

Using Electronic Tags to Understand the Habitat Utilization of Marine Animals | Daniel Costa, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Carbon Emissions & Ocean Acidification: Past, Present & Future | James Zachos, Professor, Earth Sciences

Targeting Cancer with Nanotechnology | Jin Zhang, Professor, Chemistry

The Economics of the World Trade Organization (WTO) | K. C. Fung, Profesor, Economics