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Fellowships and Funding


This grant offers up to $400 for students to be actively involved in academic research and other faculty-sponsored projects. Active participation in research is an essential ingredient for high-quality educational experience and greatly facilitates the transition into the job market, professional, or graduate school. In addition, you can get academic credit for this work in the form of independent study, and, in some cases, as a Senior Thesis.

For Fall Quarter Awards: 2nd Monday in May
For Winter Quarter Awards: 2nd Monday in October
For Spring Quarter Awards: 2nd Monday in January

  • Juniors and seniors in good academic standing. Sophomores will be considered, but Sophomore projects will be expected to extend beyond one quarter.
  • Crown College undergraduate students only

In addition to the online application we also need:

  • A copy of your unofficial transcript, found at
  • A letter of support from your faculty sponsor
  • The person to contact for the Research Account FOAPAL. This is the person Crown College coordinates with to transfer awards from Crown to your account. Speak with your Faculty Sponsor who the Budget Analyst, Financial Coordinator, or Department Coordinator might be.

Email all supplemental documents to the College Academic Manager (

This fund offers up to $300 towards materials needed by current Crown College students for class projects.

Winter Quarter: February 18th
Spring Quarter: April 13th

Types of Projects Considered:

The Crown Class Material Fund offers up to $300 to support individual undergraduate projects by Crown students. These projects may include:
  1. Academic research
  2. Creative initiatives
  3. Artistic endeavors
  4. Senior Thesis
  5. Individual Projects
  6. Group Projects
  • Maxiumum request is $300
  • Crown College undergraduate students only
  • Crown Class Material Funds cannot be used to subsidize Education Abroad programs, class enrollment fees, salaries, personal living expenses, pre-existing ongoing projects, gifts, mementos, award plaques, or recurring or annual events.
  • The award is given as reimbursement. Original receipts must be submitted to the Crown College Academic Programs Coordinator at Crown Admin (, 831-459-2412, Marina Glagolev).
  • One application per group. If you are applying for a group project, one person will apply for the entire group and that person will be responsible for use and reporting of all funds received.
  • No project may receive support more than once from this funding source.
  • Crown College retains the right to end additional funding of this program at the end of each academic fiscal year (June 30th).
  • Funding decisions will be made one week after each application deadline. Notification will be by email to the address on your application.

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