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Art, Science, Philosophy, and Astronomy

Crown’s 800 student community is housed among eight residence halls in two quads, Upper Quad and Lower Quad. Each house is named after a famous person in history that made major contributions in the fields of art, philosophy, math, science, and astronomy. Upper Quad houses are centered around an open grassy area with lots of sunlight, and Lower Quad houses share a cobbled courtyard with green trees.

Upper Quad





Lower Quad





Community Living

Each house is shaped like an “L” with a bathroom in the middle of each floor and a laundry room in the basement:

Rooms are same-gender, located on mixed or same-gender floors. Bathrooms may be coed and are designed to provide ample privacy with locking stall doors and changing booths. Residents work out a routine for bathroom use to allow for privacy and time needs.

Several of our traditional Residence Hall activities include movie nights, off-campus excursions to museums or concerts, holiday activities, and study breaks. Historically our residents describe themselves as academically-focused students who enjoy the outdoors (hiking, camping, beach-going), music, movies (anime, drama, science fiction), video games, dancing (popular, salsa, swing), and sports (swimming, running, tennis).


The most common room configuration, triple-occupancy rooms accommodate three students. They usually have at least one bunk or lofted bed. First year students should expect placement in a triple room.


Quads accommodate four students; two upstairs, two downstairs. Students in these spaces have a private bathroom, balcony, and separate outdoor entrance. An interior door leads into the house on the first floor. Due to the limited number they are generally occupied by continuing students.


Double-occupancy rooms house two students. Due to the limited number they are generally occupied by continuing students.


There are a limited number of single-occupancy rooms. Due to high demand they are generally occupied by continuing students.

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