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Living With Roommates



Part of the residential experience is building relationships and increasing awareness of yourself and others. Living on campus you will live with students coming from all places and backgrounds. We will do our best to find you compatible roommates, but please do not assume they will share all your lifestyle preferences. Your roommates may or may not become your best friends, but regardless of where you live, remember one thing: much of what living on campus really offers is what you and students like yourself bring to it. Your attitude toward, and your enthusiasm for, your new living situation is the real key in determining what your life will be like living on campus.

Courtesy - Communication - Compromise

If you have never shared a living space before, having roommates may be a challenge, but meeting the challenge of sharing and learning from alternate perspectives can also be infinitely rewarding.

Tips for Living with Roommates:

  • Get in touch before you arrive.

Your housing assignment will be sent to your UCSC email account by mid-August. Once you receive your roommate contact information, we encourage you get in touch with your roommates so you can get to know each other before you get here. Discuss your living arrangements in advance, and make plans for sharing common items, such as a mini-fridge or microwave.

  • Talk about room expectations.

Just after move-in, sit down and talk with your roommates about expectations so you are all on the same page about living in a shared space. Communicating early and honestly about important issues such as quiet time, visitors, and sleep schedules is a great way to avoid problems in the future. Be flexible and try to come to a decision that everyone can agree to. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your Resident Assistant. They are here to help you and will work with you and your roommates to develop a roommate agreement and work through any issues.

It is highly recommended all students review a Roommate Agreement Form with their roommates at the beginning of the year. Many roommate issues are rooted in communication, and the Roommate Agreement Form provides residents an opportunity to discuss their lifestyles and establish mutual rules before the start of the year

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