Crown College

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Our Mission

Crown College is dedicated to promoting intellectual, personal, and social success within an ethical and inclusive living and learning environment.

We are a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in an atmosphere of open discussion and mutual respect. In embracing this diversity, we find stimulation, freedom, and strength. Freedom to express one’s opinions and beliefs is of the utmost importance.

Exploring Ethics in Technology

Founded in 1967 as the third college in the UC Santa Cruz system, our theme Science and Technology in Society explores the relationship between science and technology with the world around us. This interdisciplinary reflection is modeled in our core course Ethical and Political Issues in Emerging Technologies. Although traditionally viewed as the “science college”, half of our student body major in fields other than science.

Top Of the Hill

Crown is located on a hilltop surrounded by a redwood forest. The core buildings consist of the dining hall, lounge spaces, recreation facilities, faculty offices, and classrooms built around a large patio and central fountain. 

The College’s residential facilities are made up of eight residence hall buildings and eight apartment buildings housing approximately 1/2 of affiliated students. The facilities at Crown College were built through a partnership of public funds and a gift from the Crown Zellerbach Foundation.