Crown College

Housing and Residential Education (HARE)


Guiding Students in Residence

Serving both Crown and Merrill residents, the Crown/Merrill Housing and Residential Education (HARE) Office assists with housing and residential related issues. Have a question about housing? Need to speak with someone? Call, email, or drop by in person and we can help you! 

We are located on the first floor of the Merrill Plaza Building under the Merrill Market.


8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday – Friday
Phone: 831-459-5689

After Hours Assistance

We recognize you may need help after our office has closed. There are always people available to assist you with lock outs, safety needs, or anything else!
  • From 7pm-3am every night, a Residential Community Service Partner (RCSP) can be reached at (831) 459-2100.
  • From 5-7pm and 3am-8am every night, a Residential Assistant can be reached at (831) 212-8722.
  • On weekends from 3am-7pm, a Residential Assistant can be reached at (831) 212-8722.

Creating Community

Crown students pride themselves in creating and maintaining a close-knit community. For most students, their personal sense of the Crown community grows outward: starting on their floor, moving to other floors in their building and eventually to the whole college and campus at large. Crown residents and students strive towards gaining a respectful adjustment to life here. We know the importance of communal living, and that our residential peer group continues to grow both deeper and more widespread over time.

Cross-Cultural Learning

Each of our buildings at Crown is a site for cross-cultural exchange and learning. Our programming emphasizes issues of diversity and identity. Individual buildings & floors, as well as the College Programs Office, create year-round opportunities for students to participate in residential and academic programs that share and celebrate the eclectic heritage of our students. Many programs and places, such as College Nights, Moat activities, Cultural Center events, and our popular restaurant Vivas, bring the college community together. Other commonly occurring events, including guest speakers, international movies, analysis, and discussions, offer students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and each other in a time when identity development is so important.

Small Residential Communities

There are multiple residential buildings at Crown College, both close to and farther away from the academic and administrative buildings. Most of the residential halls are close to the college center, and our wonderful apartment community stretches across the little redwood creek canyon behind us. There is no general advantage to living in one building or area over another. The different living environments here at Crown accommodate the eclectic preferences of our diverse student population.

Our residential buildings contain single, double, triple and quad rooms. Single rooms are slightly more expensive than the others and generally go to continuing students. Most first year students live in doubles (two-person rooms) or triples (three-person rooms). If you are a new student, you will most likely live in one of these configurations.

Note: Questions about your housing bill, payment plans, or meal plans should be directed to the Campus Housing Office. The Crown Housing Office only handles room placements, room changes, housing cancellation requests, maintenance questions, lock outs, and other general questions relating specifically to Crown College.